Fieldtrip to Elsinore, Denmark

Danish Maritime Museum and Kronborg Castle

The post-conference trip on the last day will take us across the Øresund strait to Elsinore in Denmark. We will walk to the worldly renowned Danish Maritime Museum – M/S Søfart for an introduction, talk and tour. Built in and around the old dry dock of the shipyard, the architects from the BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group have designed The Maritime Museum of Denmark. Bridges of glass criss-crosses the old dry dock and exhibition spaces are constructed on the sides of the concrete structure. The exhibitions focus on the life of the sailors and the life at sea – and in the harbors. The traditional boat models, which are found in most maritime museums, are still to be found, but exhibited in new and exciting ways and contexts. We will get an introduction to the museums followed by a guided tour.

After the tour of the Danish Maritime Museum a short walk to the UNESCO-site of Kronborg Castle, the Danish stronghold which gave Denmark the control of the water entrance to the Baltic Sea. The Castle is of course also known as the home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The impressive Castle is owned by the Danish State, and the exhibitions and historical research is in the hands of the National Museum of Denmark. We will be welcomed at Kronborg and get an introduction to the site and tours may be offered after the introdution.

A more detailed program will follow. Program changes may be made.

More to see in Elsinore

After the fieldtrip you are free to explore the city of Elsinore, or Helsingør as it is called in Danish. Elsinore is a typical Danish merchant town with brick houses, narrow streets and nice small cafés where you can have Danish specialties like sandwiches, red hot dogs, beers and lovely cakes.

You are welcome to visit by your own the Danish National Museum of Science & Technology or the Museums of Elsinore.
Please find here more information about Elsinore.

From Elsinore you can return to Helsingborg by ferry, or easily take the train to Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport.

Practical information

We will leave Helsingborg by ferry (20 min.) after the final session at around midday. First we will visit the Maritime Museum and then we go to the castle and after the introduction you are free to join the tours or explore the castle on your own from around 16:30.

All expenses regarding the fieldtrip (ferry/one-way(!), lunch, visits) are included in the conference fee.

Boarder Control: Although Denmark and Sweden are part of the Nordic passport union and both are part of the Schengen Arear, those agreements have been temporarily suspended, and you may expect occasional boarder control. Therefore be sure to bring you passport on the fieldtrip to Denmark.

Luggage: If you bring your luggage to Elsinore, we will make sure it is locked up and looked after during the fieldtrip.

Return to Helsingborg: Those who want to go back to Helsingborg after the excursion have to buy their own ferry ticket. The ferries depart from Elsinore with short intervals. One-way fare is approx. € 4,00.
About Ferries between Sweden and Denmark

Train to Copenhagen and Airport: If you want to go directly from Elsinore to Copenhagen or Copenhagen Airport, the fastest way is by train. Direct trains depart every 20 min.
To Copenhagen City the ride is 45 min., Price € 14,50.
To Copenhagen Airport the ride is 1 hour, Price € 15,50.
About trains