Conference venue

Helsingborg is situated by the coast of south Sweden. Although being the eighth biggest town in Sweden (population: 104.250), the city centre is compact and easy to access and move around in.

The conference itself will take place in Dunkers Kulturhus (Dunkers Culture House), Kungsgatan 11, Helsingborg, Sweden. The name comes from Henry Dunker who was a businessman and industrialist working with rubber products (for instance rubber boots). At the time of his death in 1962, Dunker was Sweden´s wealthiest man. His fortune was donated to the improvement of the city of Helsingborg, Dunkers Kulturhus being one. Dunkers houses both a historic exhibition of the city and contemporary art exhibitions and is a part of the museums of Helsingborg. There is also a concert hall, restaurant and bistro and various cultural events day and night.

How to reach Helsingborg

By plane

There are three airports in this region: Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport, Malmö Airport and Copenhagen Airport. There are trains every 20 - 30 min from the Copenhagen airport to Helsingborg center. See section By train.

Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport
Malmö Airport
Copenhagen Airport

By ferry

You can also reach the region by ferry from Denmark. Ferries 3-4 times an hour and the journey takes about 20 minutes.


By train

Travelling by train to the region is both quick and convenient. SJ is the largest swedish train operator and operates on most long-haul routes from Oslo, Copenhagen and Berlin as well as in Sweden. With the fast X2000 train from Stockholm the trip takes about five hours to Helsingborg.
The train from Gothenborg to Helsingborg takes about 2 hours.
The regional train company Skånetrafiken operates between Copenhagen and Helsingborg.

Swedish Railways (SJ)

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