Thumbnail for Documenting collective grief
Gepostet 21.06.2017, 13:21
Conference paper preview by Birgitta Witting, Sweden
Thumbnail for Meeting of the Editorial Board
Gepostet 10.06.2017, 17:40
During ICOM's Annual Meetings in Paris this week, the editorial board took the chance to meet in person at ICOM's headquarters
Thumbnail for Call for Papers Now Closed
Gepostet 02.04.2017, 15:32
The Call for Papers is now closed! Thanks to all who submitted a proposal.
Thumbnail for Roll Up Presentations Invited!
Gepostet 13.06.2017, 11:05
Missed the call for papers or have a new exciting project running which you would like the world to know about? Apply for a Roll Up presentation by 15 July!
Thumbnail for "Many considerations to make – many needs to balance"
Gepostet 11.04.2017, 20:38
Moral challenges museum employees could face when working with sensitive themes - by Kathrin Pabst, Norway
Thumbnail for “Museums don’t do anything!” and other Finnish views on museum ethics
Gepostet 28.03.2017, 20:43
Does the ICOM Code of Ethics guide museum professionals of today with the difficult issues? Eero Ehanti presents finnish discussions on the matter.