Thumbnail for Suay Aksoy’s Speech
Gepostet 21.09.2017, 13:42
Suay Aksoy, President, International Council of Museums
Thumbnail for National museum, a difficult issue? Orhan Pamuk on museums
Gepostet 15.09.2017, 10:47
by Eero Ehanti, Chairman of ICOM Finland
Thumbnail for „KUNST AUF LAGER“: From blind spot to spotlight
Gepostet 06.09.2017, 10:14
How a network of supporters encourages museums to turn difficult issues into new chances. Conference poster preview by Carolin Vogel, Germany
Thumbnail for “I am an activist”
Gepostet 18.09.2017, 21:40
Guest post by Linda Norris, Global Networks Program Director at the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
Thumbnail for A new ICOM International Committee on ethical issues?
Gepostet 11.09.2017, 12:15
The initiative for an open forum for reflection about ethics is taken by Kathrin Pabst (Norway), Søren la Cour Jensen (Denmark) and Per B. Rekdal (Norway)
Thumbnail for An international refugee museum
Gepostet 04.09.2017, 17:29
Conference poster preview by Anne Sofie Vemmelund Christensen, Denmark