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We were asked some questions about the Call for Papers which you might have, too. That's why we are happy to share them in this post!

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Thank you! We are looking forward to your proposals by 1 April!

Q: Is the conference intended specifically for delegates from the countries listed on your website (ICOM Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany)?

A: No! Everybody is entitled to submit a paper proposal and attend the conference, regardless of countries and backgrounds, and whether you are an emerging or an experienced museum professional.

Q: Do you consider papers which relate to the wider European context or do they need to focus specifically on nordic countries?
A: Case studies are in no way limited to the hosting countries of the conference (ie the nordic countries & Germany) nor need to have a specific focus on them. Yet, if research and subject allow, a comparison or one example from this region might be a good idea as we expect the majority of the attendees to be from these countries.

Q: Should papers take into account nordic museology?
A: No, papers do not have to be delivered from the angle of a "nordic museology" as we value the variety of approaches and schools.

Q: Can I send my proposal by mail?
A: No. We ask all delegates to submit their proposals via EasyChair. The virtual Editorial Board has members in all hosting countries and EasyChair provides us with the tools needed to jointly organise the conference. You will find help in submitting your text here.

Q: Can I submit an abstract as a PhD student, not (yet) linked to an actual museum organisation?
A: Yes! We encourage everybody to submit a proposal, whether you are an emerging or an experienced museum professional, whether you are a student, an independent professional or linked to an institution.

Q: Should I follow the order of sections of the abstract as listed in the Call (author, organisation, etc.)?
Please do! It will help us a lot in the reviewing process if we find the information always in the same spots!

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