Welcome to Helsingborg and Helsingør!

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Welcome to Helsingborg!

In the beginning of February, representatives from the national committees in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany met on location in Helsingborg to further plan the upcoming conference.

A great portion of the meeting was dedicated to create a schedule to be able to present the papers on the subject “Difficult issues in museums”. We are looking forward to a great variety of examples and professionals representing both national and subject-specific issues. But the conference is of course also a chance to meet and network with colleagues from different nations.

Helsingborg is situated by the coast of south Sweden. Although being the eighth biggest town in Sweden (population 140 547), the city centre is compact and easy to access and move around in. It´s easy to get here via for instance Copenhagen.

The conference itself will take place in Dunkers Kulturhus (Dunkers Culture House). The name comes from Henry Dunker who was a businessman and industrialist working with rubber products (for instance rubber boots). At the time of his death in 1962, Dunker was Sweden's wealthiest man. His fortune was donated to the improvement of the city of Helsingborg, Dunkers Kulturhus being one.

Dunkers houses both a historic exhibition of the city and contemporary art exhibitions and is a part of the museums of Helsingborg. There is also a concert hall, restaurant and bistro and various cultural events day and night. The unique building, built in 2002 (architect Kim Utzon), is located right by the sea and hopefully your hosts will be able to order a fantastic sunny and warm weather for 21-23 September…

We hope to meet you here in September, welcome!

A Journey across the Sea

On the last day of the conference we will offer a possibility to go on a fieldtrip to the sister town of Helsingør on the Danish coast. Helsingør is also full of interesting history, culture and museums. We invite you to a journey across the sea – although limited to a 20 minutes ferry ride. Helsingør, with the English name Elsinore is a typical Danish town with brick houses, narrow streets and nice small cafés where you can have Danish specialties like sandwiches, red hot dogs, beers and lovely cakes.

After a short walk from the ferry, we will arrive at the old ship yard which was tuned in to a cultural center in 2010. On a distance you can see the Kronborg Castle, where Shakespeare’s play Hamlet takes place.

However, the most interesting part of the site is the one that you do not see. Only when you get very close, you can look down on one of Denmark’s most remarkable museums. Built in and around the old dry dock of the shipyard, the architects from the BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group have designed The Maritime Museum of Denmark. Bridges of glass criss-crosses the old dry dock, and exhibition spaces are constructed on the sides of the concrete structure.

The exhibitions focus on the life of the sailors and the life at sea – and in the harbors. The traditional boat models, which are found in most maritime museums are still to be found, but exhibited in new and exciting ways and contexts.

We will get an introduction to the museums followed by a guided tour. After the visit you can take the short walk to Kronborg castle for a visit on you own. Or continue on to Copenhagen, which is an hour away by train.

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Lina Ahtola, Sweden, and Paal Mork, Norway, on behalf of the organizing committee
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