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Nearly 200 people from over 20 countries has gathered here in Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg to take part in The Difficult Issues Conference. The conference has been organised by six national committees of the International Council of Museums – ICOM Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland Norway, Sweden.

Museums play a key role in creating and representing the shared cultural heritage if various communities. What is to be said about the stories museums facilitate? Why is something remembered and something else forgotten? What is highlighted, what hidden? What does restrict museums’ freedom to act and/or do we restrict ourselves? What are the roles of public and local societies? Are museums prisoners of their own familiar practices and processes?


In the welcoming session:

Katherine Hauptman, Chair of ICOM Sweden reminded us about the first idea behind establishing ICOM: Through museums we can learn to understand other people.

Beate Reifenscheid, Chair of ICOM Germany spoke about the need to question and re-evaluate the artefacts our museums have. Museums have to been relevant to contemporary people.

Mats Sander, the Mayor of Helsingborg welcomed us to Helsingborg and he spoke about the changes in museum scene in his city. Museums are loved and making drastic changes in them is never an easy process.

Suay Aksoy, President of ICOM’s speech was a great summary of how museums are relevant in contemporary world and in contemporary political situation.

Stefan Bohman from ICOM Sweden made an overall introduction to the themes that are addressed in different paper in Difficult Issues Conference. Stefan also addressed the theme of conference: How to deal with difficult issues, what are the difficult questions the museums are dealing with, who defines how and what we see in museums?

“We need to have strategies and techniques for handling with difficult heritage.”


Now a coffee break and then… Let’s jump to difficult issues!


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