– promoting how museums make a difference in society

Gepostet 2017-03-10 21:11:56 ( is a webpage dedicated to promote the important work museums do as social agents. The page contains information about how museums are actively addressing challenges and creating positive changes within our contemporary and future society. The webpage aims to be a national platform where museums can share their work and their experiences, and be a source for information and inspiration for museums professionals. The webpage is run by Vest-Agder-museum, with funding from the Arts Council Norway.

The main content of the webpage is presentations of ongoing and past museum projects that in various ways seek to address societal issues by raising awareness, providing knowledge and encouraging reflection. The presentations are based on information contributed by the museums responsible for the projects, and all museums are invited to contribute to the webpage. With each project presented, contact information to the museums is provided and professionals from other museums are invited to get in touch. The presentations of the projects are organized by their various subjects, such as "environment", "health", "minorities" and "democracy", making it possible for museum professionals to navigate and find information related to the societal issues they wish to address.

Furthermore, shares some of the latest news from the field of socially purposeful museums, with small articles about selected topics and an overview of news articles from Norwegian and global media.

Information about new publications and articles are promoted, as well as call for papers for forthcoming publications. The webpage provides a thorough survey of relevant literature, and an overview of various guidelines provided by different leading cultural institutions. Links to various helpful, informative or inspiring webpages and blogs are included. Readers are also guided to information about how and where to apply for funding, and given an overview of relevant white papers and authoritative reports. The webpage also promotes professional development by informing about conferences, seminars and other educational event related to museums societal role, and is forwarding various calls for contributions to upcoming events.

Vest-Agder museum invites museums and institutions to use the webpage as a tool for both gaining and sharing information about the valuable and important work museums do within the Norwegian society.

For more information please contact project manager Eirin Breie, Vest-Agder-museum.

Please note: The content of the website is being translated step by step into English. Until this is done, please use the automatic translation tools like Google translate or Bing to access the content in any language.

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