Ingeborg Holm changed the world. An early whistleblower

Gepostet 2017-07-03 10:07:52

The play Ingeborg Holm, which later became the silent movie Ingeborg Holm – considered to be Sweden’s first social drama on the screen, was written by Nils Krok in Helsingborg 1906. It caused a fierce discussion in Swedish media at the time. Ingeborg Holm was a play and a film that questioned some of the ground values in Sweden at the turn of the century. Nils Krok was in that perspective what we might call an early Whistleblower. Ingeborg Holm is usually not a part of Helsingborg’s reproduced grand history. Nils Krok is usually not considered as one of Helsingborg´s important men.

What matters and what counts when it comes to the history of a town like Helsingborg? What and who on the other hand, is never seen or accounted for? Who has made those choices and why? The stories we produce and reproduce about the past matters. A master narrative is often created in which certain perspectives and people are placed at the fore front, while others are forgotten or left out on purpose. Who are allowed to represent the past of a town like Helsingborg and who are not? What might the consequences be of the use of one sole master narrative and the constant re-presentation of it?

Thorough the story of Ingeborg Holm I will address the choice of people, processes and perspectives that are presented and re-presented in the master narrative of Helsingborg. What is remembered, forgotten or hidden? To choose is a political standpoint. What do You choose?

Anja Petersen is currently working as an antiquarian at Kulturmagasinet, Helsingborg. Together with a colleague at Campus Helsingborg, Lund University, she is also engaged in a three year research project, focusing master narratives and criticism on local history. This presentation is part of that research project.

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