Congo Gaze - People, Encounters and Artifacts

Gepostet 2017-09-01 13:25:43

The first visit to the museum storage. Image: KHM

The roll-up will present a recent cooperative collection- and exhibition project between Congolese diaspora and the museum. Bernadette Lynch’s concept radical trust is a point of departure for a brief description of the project idea and organization and also for exploring how this particular project developed.

The aim is to raise questions and share experiences. How to design an open, yet structured process that could ensure the development of a common understanding of what it would involve to work according to the ideals underpinning the concept “radical trust”? 

Could this idea become implemented within the framework of current practice in public administration as such?
Escaping power structures – a wild dream?


Tone Cecilie Simensen Karlgård, Museumslecturer Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo
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