Conference On Tour

Gepostet 2017-09-25 12:53:38

A fieldtrip to Helsingør in Denmark, the sister town of Helsingborg just a short ferry ride across the Øresund away, concluded three intense conference days.

First stop was the new Maritime Museum of Denmark, spectacularly built into the former dry dock of the shipyard, where glass bridges now criss-cross the old structures. Innovative exhibitions tell the stories of the life at and on the sea, clearly adressing also many difficult issues such as sea battles and slave trade, which in many places are often left out in favour of a more romantic view of sea and harbour life.

After a profound introduction to the museum and current exhibitions attendees were able to freely roam the museum and discover the place at their own pace. 

Finally, we visited Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site immortalized in Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

In the introduction, the constant struggle of balancing facts, myth, and the demands of running a world heritage sites became clear, but also the many ideas to embrace them all.

Later, fictional characters such as Hamlet's friend Horatio led us through the castle in highly entertaining ways, rounding of the third and last conference day. 

Thanks to the staff at both places for welcoming us and sharing your very own difficult issues with us!

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