Thumbnail for Witch hunts, immigration and integration
Gepostet 27.08.2017, 10:38
New ‘difficult’ museums in the making. Conference paper preview by Lulu Anne Hansen and Flemming Just, Denmark
Thumbnail for Sind wir noch Freunde?
Gepostet 23.08.2017, 10:49
Displaying the Difficult History of the German presence in Finnish Lapland, 1941-44. Conference paper preview by Mirkka Hekkurainen et al., Finland
Thumbnail for Moral challenges for museum professionals
Gepostet 18.08.2017, 12:41
when working with difficult issues - a short overview. Conference paper preview by Kathrin Pabst, Norway
Thumbnail for A difficult issue, or a difficult place?
Gepostet 25.08.2017, 14:01
Adapting National Museum Policies to Local Museum Realities. Conference paper preview by Maja Leonardsen Musum, Norway
Thumbnail for Post-Mortem Photography
Gepostet 20.08.2017, 10:53
Is It Right For Museums To Decide Who Is Remembered, Forgotten Or Hidden? Conference paper preview by Satu Savia and Hanna Talasmäki, Finland
Thumbnail for At home with people with severe mental illness
Gepostet 16.08.2017, 21:10
Conference paper preview by Ellen Lange, Norway
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