Thumbnail for A Bloody Tradition – Whale Killing in Paintings by Mikines
Gepostet 31.07.2017, 10:12
Conference paper preview by Solveig Hanusardóttir Olsen, Faroe Islands
Thumbnail for Experiences in Slovenia
Gepostet 26.07.2017, 19:11
Museums and presentation of education, wars and the socialist period as problematic memories. Conference paper preview by Branko Šuštar, Slovenia
Thumbnail for Collection management and public consent
Gepostet 22.07.2017, 21:02
The practice, politics and perception of collections disposal and transfer. Conference paper preview by Michael Terwey, UK
Thumbnail for FOLK: an exhibit on science, identity, and politics
Gepostet 28.07.2017, 12:40
Conference paper preview by Ageliki Lefkaditou, Jon Røyne Kyllingstad and Henrik Treimo, Norway
Thumbnail for Trembling walls. When earthquakes change the identity of local museums
Gepostet 24.07.2017, 13:53
Conference paper preview by Valeria Pica, Italy
Thumbnail for Collecting the Troubles and Beyond
Gepostet 20.07.2017, 19:28
The role of the Ulster Museum in interpreting contested history. Conference paper preview by Karen Logan, Northern Ireland
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