Thumbnail for House of Silicone: Displaying macabre and contested history
Gepostet 30.06.2017, 17:37
at the Saga Museum - Conference paper preview by Gudrun D Whitehead, Iceland
Thumbnail for Guovtti ilmmi gaskkas. Balancing between two contested worlds
Gepostet 25.06.2017, 12:21
The challenges and benefits being an indigenous museum professional - Conference paper preview by Áile Aikio, Finland
Thumbnail for Roll Up Presentations Invited!
Gepostet 13.06.2017, 11:05
Missed the call for papers or have a new exciting project running which you would like the world to know about? Apply for a Roll Up presentation by 15 July!
Thumbnail for The German Tank Museum: A blood diamond as a regional touristic crown jewel?
Gepostet 28.06.2017, 11:24
Conference paper preview by Ralf Raths, Germany
Thumbnail for Documenting collective grief
Gepostet 21.06.2017, 13:21
Conference paper preview by Birgitta Witting, Sweden
Thumbnail for Meeting of the Editorial Board
Gepostet 10.06.2017, 17:40
During ICOM's Annual Meetings in Paris this week, the editorial board took the chance to meet in person at ICOM's headquarters